densignathus skeleton

Densignathus rowei

Densignathus rowei is the second tetrapod to be found at Red Hill, Pennsylvania; the first Red Hill tetrapod is Hynerpeton bassetti, while an isolated and unattributed humerus (ANSP 21350) has also been found. The Densignathus fossil consist of a single lower jaw. The jaw is robust and has a mosaic of features, some of which suggest a more derived status (e.g., a partially enclosed mandibular canal), while others suggest a more primitive fish-like status (e.g., the presence of coronoid fangs).

A detailed presentation of associated fauna and flora is presented in Who's Who at Red Hill.

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Scientific Papers
Daeschler, E.B. 2000. "Early tetrapod jaws from the late Devonian of Pennsylvania, USA." J. Paleont. 74(2): 301-308.

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