jakubsonia skeleton

Jakubsonia livnensis

The remains of a Late Devonian tetrapod were collected from the Oryl Region of Russia in 1999. A new species, Jakubsonia livnensis, was erected on the basis of an interorbital fragment of the skull roof. Other elements associated with this tetrapod include part of the lower jaw, a cleithrum (upper shoulder) and the distal part of a femur (upper leg). A fragment of the posterior skull roof may also belong to this species.

Jakubsonia was collected from lower Famennian sediments that may have been either deltaic or near-shore marine. Extensive wear on some of the fossils indicate significant post-mortem transport.

A variety of other vertebrates were collected from this locality. These include numerous isolated plates from antiarch placoderms (Bothriolepis spp. and possibly Remigolepis), acanthodian (Devononchus) fin spines, toothplates from several lungfishes (Conchodus, Holodipterus and Dipterus), and scales and bones from other lobe-fins (Holoptychius, Megapomus markovskyi and Glyptopomus) Occasional elements from two other placoderms, a ptyctodontid (Chelyophorus) and a pachyosteomorph arthrodire, were also found.

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Scientific Papers:
Lebedev, O.L. 2004. "A new tetrapod Jakubsonia livnensis from the Early Famennian (Devonian) of Russia and palaeoecological remarks on the Late Devonian tetrapod habitats." Acta Universitatis Tatviensis 679: 79-98.

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