ventastega skeleton

Ventastega curonica

Until the recent studies of Acanthostega, specimens of Ventastega curonica languished in a museum drawer as an "unidentified sarcopterygian". Now, known as a tetrapod, it's one of the more complete of the Late Devonian tetrapods. Much of the skull, including the palete, and lower jaw is known. These elements generally resemble those of Acanthostega. However, some features of its lower jaw suggest that Ventastega may be less derived.

The post-cranial skeleton of Ventastega, however, is much less complete. Elements include the clavicle (collarbone), the upper shoulder (primarily the cleithrum), a radius (forearm), part of the pelvis, and assorted ribs and tail fin rays.

Ventastega was revovered from what are probably stream-influenced near-shore marine sediments of the Ketleri Formation (upper Famennian, Late Devonian) in Latvia. Most fossils at this locality occur as disarticulated but well-preserved elements, suggesting that postmortem transport was limited. The associated vertebrates remains were dominated by an antiarch placoderm, Bothriolepis ciecere. Other vertebrates include acanthodians, an unidentified rayfin, a lungfish (Orlovichthys sp.), two porolepiform lobe-fins (Holoptychius sp. and Ventalepis ketlereiensis) and two osteolepiform lobe-fins (Cryptolepis grossi and Glyptopomus sp.).

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