reconstruction of ctenacanthus Arthropod trackway (left) and an unidentified myriapod (right).
Photos courtesy of Ted Daeschler, ANS.

Other Invertebrates

In addition to the trigonotarbid Gigantocharinus and the millipede Orsadesmus rubecollus, Red Hill has yielded three other types of invertebrate fossils.

Several specimens of this unidentified myriapod arthropod have been recovered from the shallow channel margin facies. They're substantially larger than the millipede fossils found in the floodplain pond facies. The specimen shown in the upper right is about 7 cm long.

The ichnofossil (trace fossil) shown in the upper left is probably a trackway created by a relatively large arthropod. The trackway measures approximately 2 cm in width and there appears to be a body drag impression along the midline. As with the unidentified myriapod, this fossil was recovered from the shallow channel margin facies.

A scorpion fragment was also discovered at Red Hill.

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